We regularly receive unsolicited testimonials about the effectiveness of our ministries...

"This was our 4th capital campaign in 12 years and, before we began, many in the congregation were already complaining of campaign fatigue. When Bill VanderWyden suggested a goal three times higher than any goal we'd ever had before, it seemed as if we had quite a mountain to climb! The Joy of Generosity campaign with its structured timeline of tasks ultimately pulled in hundreds of our members as campaign workers. With its focus on the abundance of God's grace in our lives, this Capital Campaign unleashed renewed energy, and dollars we didn't know we had."

Wanda Hunter,
Campaign Co-Chair

"Your guidance for our 2 Operating Budget Campaigns enabled more members to make commitments and to increase their giving. We developed trust with the leadership of VanderWyden Consultants, and the great value in relation to the cost of their services. The Feasibility Study enabled our leaders to realize that increasing our giving by 6 times, and relocating our facilities would require sacrificial, leadership giving. I am grateful for the structure, direction, availability, and enthusiastic spirit that VanderWyden Consultants brought to the Capital Fund Campaign, which led to giving well beyond our expectations."

Rev. David Ziegel
United Methodist Church Pastor

"Thank you for the leadership and sensitive sense of stewardship. Together we have rejoiced in our Building With Christ. It has resulted in both the doubling of our physical space and the addition of a second ordained person to our pastoral staff. May God continue to bless your work and ministry."

Pastor Bob Springer
ELCA Lutheran Church Pastor

"There is no question that Bill VanderWyden is an expert in the area of church fund raising! When we built a new sanctuary doubling the size of our facility, the amount pledged was far beyond our expectations. With God's help, and VanderWyden Consultants plan, and the congregation's enthusiastic support we went over the top!"

Rev. Alfred A. Hart
Presbyterian Church Pastor

"VanderWyden Consultants provided the counsel, encouragement and support systems for our very successful Capital Campaign. The resulting commitments, along with the promised gift of a remainder trust, resulting from the capital campaign will increase the total to 10 times our annual budget. Our Capital Campaign raised the necessary funds, but more importantly raised our faith even more."

Rev. Edward A. Libby, Senior Pastor
American Baptist Church Pastor

"A goal of $600,000 would have been ambitious for our church's first-ever Capital Campaign. With the excellent advice and directions that you supplied we surprised even ourselves. We received total Assurances of Support of $952,250! - 8 times our existing giving level. In addition, pledges to the budget exceeded pledged giving of last year by 26%, and giving this year has been the largest in the history of the church"

Rev. James W. White,
UCC Pastor

"VanderWyden Consultant's insights and wisdom were priceless in helping us to have a positive Capital Campaign. Their commitment to fee based consulting reflects high ethical standards and understanding of stewardship. We are thankful that they kept their promise to be available to us through the entire three-year campaign giving period."

Rev. James Smucker,
Presbyterian Church Pastor

"This was my first Pastoral Capital Fund Campaign experience. Our VanderWyden Consultant led us with ease and grace. The campaign had a tremendous positive impact on all of our ministries and on our members' morale.

Rev. Julie Frank,
ELCA Lutheran Church Pastor

"Their 'Joy of Generosity' Campaign Plan was a complete success. The training we received was excellent. It truly is Fund-raising through Faith-raising!"

Ed Slavicz,
Campaign Chair

VanderWyden Consultants gave us the confidence and the methods to generate a level of commitment in our church that few thought possible. We were provided with guidance that enabled us to exceed our $3 million dollar goal. Our congregation will flourish with the new facilities provided through the capital campaign."

Andy Short,
Campaign Co-Chair

"Our congregation was impressed with the work of Bill VanderWyden as he helped us overmatch our goal of $6,600,000. He is experienced in the ways of church fund raising. He is friendly, clear, flexible, authentic, and tactful. Best of all he is a person of deep, Biblical faith and that colors all he does. When he talks about "faith raising and not just fund raising" it's more than a cliché. Bill is really top-drawer!"

Rev. David C. Norling
The Federated Church, Chagrin Falls, Ohio



Extra-ordinary experienced leadership provided by VanderWyden Consultants - Rev. P. William VanderWyden CFRE, President, and his colleagues, Rev. Kenneth Baily, Rev. Edward Horstmann, James W. Reese and Rev. Robert F. Haskins.