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February 2011
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This month officially marks the 15th year of the founding of our firm. As we announced in the bulletin we sent out in January, during this month we are offering a 15% discount on our standard fees for providing professional guidance for Capital Fund Campaigns, which fund renovations and/or for new facilities. The 15 years have flown by and we continue to enjoy serving the wider church community. As an expression of our gratitude for serving for 15 years, we are happy to provide this special opportunity to churches that contact us during the month of February to inquire about using our services for a Capital Fund Campaign. 

You do not have to sign a contract during February to qualify for the discount. You just have to contact us during February to have a no-cost, no-obligation consultation regarding your church's fund-raising potential and readiness for a Capital Fund Campaign. If you then decide to conduct a Capital Fund Campaign with our firm later in 2011, you will be provided with this Special Anniversary discount on our fees.

To take advantage of our special 15% discount opportunity, or to order our new booklet mentioned below, write me at or call me toll-free at 888-245-5826 (888-Bill-Van). I look forward to hearing from you.

Bill VanderWyden


Since we are seeing many churches financially struggling during these tough financial times, we have created a new resource to provide help with these challenges. We have found that many church leaders do not understand the basic fundamentals of fund-raising. Consequently many churches struggle needlessly to raise the funds that are required to provide their vital services and programs. We are now offering complimentary copies of our new booklet, "10 Fundamentals of Fund-Raising to Increase Giving to Churches in Tough Financial Times."

We have found that there is never a genuine shortage of funds to provide crucial services, programs and ministries. Rather there is a shortage of faith in God's abundant providing, a lack of guidance to help people deal with their money, and a scarcity of creativity in how to inspire individuals to want to be generous.

Especially in these challenging financial times, when we see many churches struggling to survive, we feel moved to provide this resource. Hopefully it will provide great benefits to churches to enable them to increase their financial support, so that they can provide the critical services and programs that are so essential to help those who are suffering in the midst of the present economic circumstances.

To order a free copy of this booklet, send us an email at  Top


VanderWyden Consultants provide professional fundraising guidance to churches and non-profit organizations throughout the United States who require professional assistance with their fundraising.

We provide professional guidance for Capital Fund Campaigns, Stewardship Operating Budget Campaigns, Planned Giving Campaigns, Comprehensive Financial Feasibility Studies, and Workshops on the dynamics of stimulating growth in membership.

If you would like to meet with us, since we provide our services throughout the United States, we can be available to meet with your leadership. If your church would like to host one of our Professional Workshops for churches or non-profit organizations in your area, we can provide a discount in our services for your church. Or if you would like to explore how our services may help you to meet your needs, don't hesitate to call us through our toll-free number (888-245-5826) for a no obligation free professional consultation.

Our staff has conducted over 350 successful campaigns throughout the United States. Our "Joy of Generosity" Capital Fund Campaign program enables churches to raise as much as 13 times existing giving levels, and our "Wyden Your Horizons" Operating Budget Stewardship program results in increases of 15 - 45%.

All ideas and commentaries in Wyden Your Horizons are copyrighted. Quotations may be freely used when the source is cited. Top


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