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In this edition of Wyden Your Horizons, we offer the third installment in our series on the basic principles of fundraising. In our work in this field we have found that many individuals who are in leadership roles in churches and non-profit organizations do not understand how fundraising works. Many believe that fundraising is an arduous, distasteful task that must be done to garner the financial support for their organization. Many also become discouraged because it seems that their organization is always short of cash. However, with positive, proven practices leaders can find that fundraising can be a joyful, beneficial experience for all involved. Fundraising at its best is a fulfilling process as givers discover the joy of generosity, as solicitors discover the joy of expanding the circle of givers, and as everyone together discovers the joy of raising the funds to meet critical needs and to support the ongoing work of organizations and congregations.

We are happy to share the insights that we have learned about fundraising with our readers. We have found that if a church or non-profit organization implements these principles, the culture around giving can be transformed. Not only will you be able to generate sufficient funds to provide for your programs and services, but more importantly your members will have more peace of mind about the place of money in their lives. They will grow in their faith in  God's providing, and be inspired to find the Joy of Generosity.

We have taught these principles at workshops throughout the United States, and the churches and organizations that have implemented them have reported to us that they have experienced inspiring increases in generosity. If your church or non-profit organization would like to host a workshop in your area, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

As the national economy is slowly improving, we are finding that churches are beginning to realize that there are dynamics in place that make this a prime time to conduct a Capital Fund Campaign -- construction costs are lower than they have been in many years, and interest rates are at all-time lows. Furthermore, those members who have been able to sustain their resources during these times, can be very motivated to give generously because they recognize that their neighbors truly are in need. If you would like to have a no-obligation consultation regarding conducting a Capital Fund Campaign at this time, feel free to contact us through our Toll-Free line: (888) Bill Van (245-5826)

We are also glad to share the insights of our readers. If you have programs that have increased generosity, and you would like to share your insights with others, please drop us a line and we'll highlight your insights in our next issue..

VanderWyden Consultants are deployed throughout the United States and are happy to provide professional assistance for Operating Budget Campaigns, Capital Fund Campaigns, and Planned Giving Efforts. Our Wyden Your Horizons Operating Budget Program can enable you to increase your Operating Budget proceeds from 15 - 45%, and our Joy of Generosity Capital Fund Campaign can raise 2 to 13 times your present giving for renovations and/or for new facilities. Top

Fundraising Principle #3: dramatize the need

People don't tend to "bank" money in their church or non-profit organization. We like to keep control of our money and give when there is a real, urgent need. Also, many individuals do not understand that giving for the Operating Budget of a church or non-profit organization is necessary to meet critical  needs. Perhaps this occurs because many churches and non-profit organizations are not adept at illustrating how on-going support actually meets important human needs. When this connection is not made, members may think that their annual support of an organization is just making a budget or paying bills. Such confusion is why many churches and non-profit organizations are continually struggling to secure adequate financial support. 

Over time, if members are not regularly inspired to increase their giving, they find other ways to spend their money, or give to other causes where the needs seem to be more urgent. This can lead church and non-profit leaders to think that there is a shortage of money to fund their programs and services. There actually isn't a shortage of money. Rather there is a shortage of understanding that the giving of members directly and indirectly does indeed meet critical needs. If you are to develop this understanding in your members, you must continually "Dramatize the Needs" that you are focused on meeting, and help members to understand that their giving to support your services, programs and ministries can make a real difference in the world. 

Effective churches and non-profit organizations regularly dramatize how giving to their organization enables urgent needs to be met. Churches and non-profit organizations that are continually struggling to receive adequate funding do not realize that it is essential to continually dramatize the needs in human terms. When asking members to give to "support the budget", or scolding members by saying that it is their duty to give, doesn't work, many churches and non-profits often become hesitant to ask their members to increase their giving. This behavior creates a vicious circle where rather than asking for increased giving, the organization cuts services and programs. Consequently, fewer needs are being met and more members feel that their giving is not essential.  If members are not asked to give sacrificially on a regular basis to meet urgent needs, they will be slow to respond to cries of the necessity of supporting Operating Budgets.

If you are to be successful in fundraising, your members have to be convinced that your organization is meeting the needs of individuals who are in need.  Your need may involve funding for on-going services and programs to help individuals in your community, or it may involve raising funds for missions to needy people in other areas around the world, or it may involve necessary renovations to your present facility or building a new facility so that you can help more people in your local community. Often you may need to conduct a Capital Fund Campaign to meet these needs, and the good news is that inspired giving for Capital Fund Campaigns also stimulates support for on-going programs. Whatever your purpose for raising funds, you have to "make a convincing case" for your campaign, by dramatizing the urgency of the meeting these needs now, showing your members' that their giving is essential to meet that need.

One key way to dramatize needs is to develop effective illustrations about your projects or programs that show how they are making a difference.  A variety of media can be very useful for this purpose -- campaign brochures, DVDs, or PowerPoint presentations, etc. Not only is it helpful to provide statistics about how many people you are helping, but you also must show why your program is essential, by emphasizing the human dimension by showing pictures of individuals in need. People don't give to paper or smooth presentations. People give to people. Increased giving usually occurs when individual's hearts are moved. In other words, significantly increasing giving is not necessarily a rational process where individuals figure our that they ought to give sacrificially. Rather you must touch individual's hearts to inspire them to greater generosity. In addition to showing pictures of individuals who are in need, it is very beneficial to include testimonials from individuals who have benefited from your programs or ministries. It also could be very helpful to have an inspiring musical background for your DVD or PowerPoint presentation, and of course, a well-written and well-presented narration is essential.

One of the best ways to dramatize a need is to tell a detailed story about one individual who is truly suffering, and who will benefit directly from the new programs. Or you could tell a success story where your program has greatly benefited someone and how their lives have been improved due to your ministry., Then you could go on to specify how many more individuals have similar challenges, and how much more money must be raised to provide increased services to meet their needs. As you think about your story, remember to focus on the drama of the situation -- take some time and provide moving details and explanations about how the individuals in need are struggling, and then finish up with an inspiring climax providing hope that the donors' generosity can make a real difference.

If you want to break the cycle of low-level giving, you will not be hesitant to ask members to give, and you will focus on "dramatizing the needs" that giving can meet. People have a basic need to be needed and they want to make a difference in the world. Individuals are not antagonized when they are asked to give, if they see that increased giving is essential to meet urgent needs, and they are convinced that their giving can help to meet that need. In other words if you dramatize a need in such a way that individuals are moved to want to help, and they see that their giving will used through programs that will be effective in meeting that need, they will respond. If you would like us to provide guidance for you in dramatizing the need for additional funding for your services, projects, programs, or ministries, feel free to give us a call.  Top


VanderWyden Consultants provide professional fundraising guidance to churches and non-profit organizations throughout the United States who require professional assistance with their fundraising. We provide professional guidance for Capital Fund Campaigns, Stewardship Operating Budget Campaigns, Planned Giving Campaigns, Comprehensive Financial Feasibility Studies, and Workshops on the dynamics of stimulating growth in membership. If you would like to meet with us, since we provide our services throughout the United States, we can be available to meet with your leadership. If your church would like to host one of our Professional Workshops for churches or non-profit organizations in your area, we can provide a discount in our services for your church.
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Our staff has conducted over 350 successful campaigns throughout the United States. Our "Joy of Generosity" Capital Fund Campaign program enables churches to raise as much as 13 times existing giving levels, and our "Wyden Your Horizons" Operating Budget Stewardship program results in increases of 15 - 45%.

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