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In this edition of Wyden Your Horizons, we explore the relationship of fear and faith, and how they affect fund-raising.

We recently came across an encouraging statistic regarding giving to churches. Even though giving to most non-profit institutions declined in 2008 in the midst of the worldwide recession, giving to religious groups actually increased. Faith-based donations increased by 5.5% from the previous year. Yet again a testimony to the power of faith and evidence of God's abundant providing.

We are happy to share our insights derived from providing this specialized ministry of faith-raising through fund-raising, and hope it provides blessings to our readers and the organizations that they serve and support through their generosity.

VanderWyden Consultants are deployed throughout the United States and are happy to provide professional assistance for Operating Budget Campaigns, Capital Fund Campaigns, and Planned Giving Efforts. Our Wyden Your Horizons Operating Budget Program can enable you to increase your Operating Budget proceeds from 15-45%, and our Joy of Generosity Capital Fund Campaign can raise 2 to 13 times your present giving for renovations and new facilities. We have found that when members and donors give because they want to, rather than being pressured to, they give wholeheartedly and far more generously. We are also happy to share the insights of our readers in this newsletter. If you would like share your experiences drop us a line through our email address Bill@WydenYourHorizons.com  Top

 Fund-Raising, Fear and faith

It is very difficult to inspire individuals to be generous when they are fearful. When we are fearful, our senses are clouded and we are anxious and can make unwise decisions or be frozen in fear.  I came across this acronym for fear awhile ago, FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real = F.E.A.R. Many times fears are irrational, and often our fears are based on faulty information or False Evidence. Studies indicate that many individuals have been living in a heightened state of fear due to the global economic recession. Prolonged fearful periods can cause stress and lead to other maladies.

Economists know that attitudes have a great effect on stock markets and other financial indicators. In fact a common indicator of economic strength in our country is the Consumer Confidence Index.  The more confidence consumers have in the economy the more they buy and the higher the value of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. On the converse, if consumer confidence is low, then stocks can plunge in value. In the midst of the recent economic recession irrational fear abounded and a very rare situation occurred, as the value of stocks and bonds fell at the same time. Many companies were severely undervalued as the mass hysteria dragged down the value of just about everything.  Out of fear, many individuals cashed in all of their investments and many are still afraid.

Living a life filled with fear about having enough money can be one manifestation of forgetting the place of God in our lives. Certainly some families have real reason to be concerned about their economic welfare if they among the millions that are unemployed or in jeopardy of losing their homes. But many more millions are frozen by fear, even though these individuals have plenty of money. Often these individuals have misplaced the role of money in their lives and their emotions are tossed up and down by the gyrations in the values of the stock market. That is why Jesus spoke so much about money and material possessions in his teaching, because he wanted us to not be dependent on money for our spiritual welfare. .

Fortunately there is an antidote for this kind of False Evidence Appearing Real -- Forever Acting In True Hope. The antidote to FEAR, in other words, is FAITH! Faith reminds us that God loves us and that our lives are not based on the value of how much we accumulate, what kind of clothes that we wear, or what we possess. Faith can move us past the stress of living fear-filled lives. In the past year I have encountered many individuals who told me that their investments were severely affected by the global economic meltdown, but they were not dismayed by that turn of events. They stated that they knew things would turn around eventually and that they were increasing their giving to their churches because they knew that many of their neighbors were in need. They felt moved to give as generously as possible through their churches so that their churches could provide the ministries, programs, and services that are so vital in times like these.

This way of living is an excellent example of living out one's faith. Sometimes people say, "I have faith" making it sound almost like it is something that they possess. But faith requires practice and action to be effective. As St. Paul reminds us, "Faith without deeds is dead." You can't really say you have faith if it does not affect how you live and the decisions you make.  We can usually evaluate the depth of a person's faith by observing their lifestyle, the decisions they make regarding money and materials possessions. and their relationships with others. If one practices faith daily through good deeds for others, fear about your own resources can diminish, as you move from being self-centered to being more compassionate and more faithful.

The steadfastness of faith is what provides the acronym that helps us to overcome FEAR about giving and helping others. FAITH means that we are Forever Acting In True Hope:  consistently demonstrating that we know false evidence when we see it and remembering that God provides abundantly.  When we give generously, beyond what may be expected of us, we sync up with the way that God gives, we get past our fears about having enough things, we find joy in our daily lives, and we realize peace of mind about money and the ups and downs of the world economies.

If we want to enable individuals to get past their fears around money, we must help them to find ways to practice their faith by helping others. Sometimes this may occur by asking them to join us in helping others, or to join us in giving of their financial resources. The most powerful two words in fund-raising are "join me" because they indicate that the askers are modeling generosity and FAITH. The askers are not asking anyone to do anything they are not doing themselves. If we are to move our world past the present preoccupation with fear around money, we must lead by example in our own giving.  As we Act out our Faith by giving generously, we demonstrate that that we have a True Hope that overcomes fear and that is eternally triumphant, and we brighten our corner of the world and become beacons of hope for those who live in fear. In so doing, we demonstrate that God doesn't want us to be Fearful givers, but rather that God wants us to be Cheerful givers! Top


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