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August 2005


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In this Edition of our email newsletter, we illustrate ways that churches and non-profit organizations can
Wyden Their Horizons by conducting Capital Fund Campaigns to renovate their facilities and to grow the membership of their organizations. We are happy to provide this free email newsletter as a way to share our insights about the blessings and joys of generous giving. This publication is provided as a resource for organizations, churches and individuals, who are raising funds for good causes. Please feel free to forward this email to any family, friends, colleagues, and co-workers who may be interested in subscribing themselves.

Wyden Your Horizons with a Capital Fund Campaign to Enable Membership Growth. . .

Sometimes when we are consulting with an organization, we hear members say, "We really need to raise additional funds, but we need to have more members before we can do that." This way of thinking really sets up a "catch-22" for the organization. In essence, this way of thinking actually has the cause and effect reversed. In fact, inadequate facilities automatically limit an organization's ability to grow because they do not provide the resources that the organization requires to carry out its mission.

No matter how hard the staff or volunteer leadership works, if an organization's facilities are not appropriate for the services that the organization wishes to provide, the ability to provide those services will obviously be limited, and the organization's growth will be constrained. On the other hand if a church or non-profit organization conducts a successful Capital Fund Campaign and renovates its facilities, it will be able to provide more service to its community and it will grow in membership and support. A Capital Fund Campaign is invariably the key to growth in both number of members and growth in giving.

There are several common practices that cause churches and non-profit organizations to delay conducting Capital Fund Campaigns. Many churches or non-profit organizations that are declining in membership will continually delay maintenance of their facilities because of operating budget constraints. Eventually this delayed maintenance causes their facilities to become dilapidated and out of date. At the same time, the members of these organizations may renovate their homes on a regular basis, but they may allow their church facilities to fall into a state of disrepair, because they do not believe that their church or community service agency can raise the funds required to repair their facilities and bring them up to date.

Sometimes, as the membership of an organization ages, older members forget that new generations require different programs and services, and new facilities are required to be able to provide those services. Sometimes they say, "It was adequate for my children or our family. Why should we give money to renovate it for new members?" These older members fail to realize that potential new members will expect the same level of quality facilities on Sundays that they experience Monday through Saturday in other settings in our society. Specifically, young families will want a clean, attractive Nursery and Sunday School facilities, that are on the same level as the Sanctuary. If a church has its Nursery in the basement, and its Church Facilities are outdated, no matter how hard the leadership and staff work to attract new younger members, they will be unsuccessful. Yet, if the church conducts a Capital Fund Campaign to raise the funds to renovate its Nursery and Church School facilities, it will grow in its faith in what it can accomplish, and this confident attitude and the new facilities will enable the church to make the new attendees to feel comfortable.

Many organizations severely underestimate their potential for raising funds. Sometimes, since the membership has not grown, the membership may be discouraged about its potential for increased giving, or sometimes a fund-raiser will tell the organization that its potential for increased giving is minimal. Most fund-raisers that work with churches are only able to enable a church to raise two to three times the existing giving level in a Capital Fund Campaign. This is because these fund-raisers have not updated their fund-raising processes, and they practice "run of the mill" fund-raising. We have enlisted the guidance of the most skilled practitioners in this field to help us develop our expertise so that we provide "state of the art" counsel to the organizations we work with. We also approach our work with an attitude of faith in God's abundant providing. Consequently, we are fearless in our goal setting and do not limit God's providing by a lack of effort to strive toward a seemingly impossible goal. Consequently, we typically enable a church to raise records amounts of funds -- far more than they ever imagined. We can enable the churches and non-profit organizations we work with to raise 5 to as much as13 times their existing level of support. We have never conducted a campaign where the church did not succeed in raising the funds required to renovate its facilities or to build new facilities.

Often, the leaders of churches or non-profit organizations do not realize that you can always raise much more in a Capital Fund Campaign than you can in normal, annual, operating budget campaigns. That is because Capital Fund Campaigns are focused toward tangible facilities. Most people will give more generously for new buildings or facilities, than they will for intangible programs or staffing. Also, since Capital Fund Campaigns do not occur annually, they offer many donors the opportunity to give from assets in addition to income. Operating Budget giving usually is provided primarily from gifts of income, but in a Capital Fund Campaign typically 65% to 90% of the giving comes from gifts from assets of investments, stocks, bonds, real estate, possessions, etc. Many individuals are very motivated to make such gifts because of the significant tax benefits that can be accrued by making gifts of assets.

In addition, an inspiring, Faith-raising Capital Fund Campaign will also cause members to increase their giving for Operating Needs because "Commitment breeds Commitment." When members make major donations for new facilities, they are more invested in the church or non-profit organization, and are motivated to give more for the staffing or programming that is required to fill those facilities. We often get letters from churches about a year after we have helped them with an ambitious Capital Fund Campaign, where they say, "We raised much more than we thought we could in our Capital Fund Campaign and have finished renovating our facilities. Now, from the same members who said they couldn't give any more money, we have major increases in giving for our Operating Budget for programming and staffing."

If a church or community service agency has up-to-date facilities, suitable for its mission, more individuals will be able to be served and the organization will be able to grow. In fact, brand new facilities, will draw attention to the organization and by their attractive nature cause growth in and of themselves. It is true, that these facilities will not sustain growth by themselves, but they may enable an organization to attract enough new members to secure the financial support that will enable the organization to have the professional staff that is required to sustain continued growth.

We have never found a situation where God put a need before a church without providing the resources to meet that need. In other words, it is never a shortage of funds that limits an organization's ability to conduct a Capital Fund Campaign, that is necessary to renovate its facilities to enable it to grow. Rather, typically when an organization hesitates to conduct a Capital Fund Campaign, it is because there is a lack of belief that the funds are available and a lack of qualified professional counsel, and a shortage of creativity in creating processes to raise those funds. An inspiring, Faith-raising Capital Fund Campaign can truly Wyden The Horizons for an organization to renovate its facilities to provide improved programs, services and ministries, and to consequently grow in its membership. Top

Fund-Raising Trends . . . Brief Miscellaneous Insights

Giving members the opportunity to give with Credit Cards
Many churches are learning from the secular world and are offering their members the opportunity to give to their church with credit cards. Merchants have found that the easier they make it for customers to pay, they will spend more. Conversely, if we make it easier for our members to give, they may give more.

Letting members take advantage of the Housing Benefit
With the huge increase in housing values that we are seeing in many parts of the country, many donors have found that they can take a line of credit against their home value, and use some of these funds to give to charity. This provides a double tax benefit. Since the funds are borrowed like a mortgage they are deductible from taxes, and the gift to charity also is tax deductible.

Providing the opportunity to give from assets for Operating Budget Commitments
More church members are making their annual donations to the church budget by giving from assets. These members have realized that by doing so, they can avoid any Capital Gains tax on the appreciated value of the asset, and they can deduct the donation from their taxes. If you provide regular reminders about how your donors on how they can transfer stocks, or bonds, real estate, etc. to the church account and receive tax benefits, you may stimulate them to increase their giving. Top

Scriptures and Quotes About Giving . . .

"Give and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will given to you. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you." Jesus of Nazareth - Luke 6:38

God gives us joy that we may give; God gives us joy that we may share,
Sometimes God gives us loads to lift, that we may learn to bear,
For life is sweeter when we give, and love is sweeter when we share.

Give to the person who asks you, and from whom who would borrow from you, do not turn away. Matthew 5:42

Stewardship is the acceptance from God of personal responsibility for all of life and life affairs." Roswell C. Long Top

Some Other Ways to Increase Your Membership

The "Best Friend Factor". . .
A recent Gallup Poll found that if your "best friend" attends an organization you are more likely to join that organization. Also, "best friends" who belong to the same church are more likely to attend church more regularly than those who go alone. "Best friends" belonging to the same church also feel more connected to the congregation, to the church leadership, and feel closer to God and have a more integrated faith. In order to develop this "friendship factor" in your church provide many opportunities for members to interact directly in mission projects or at social events. Also, having a special Sunday Worship Service on a regular basis with the theme "Invite your Best Friend to Church" can also help your church to grow.

Invite New Attendees to Join. . .
A recent poll by "Leadership Weekly" found that only about one third of churches regularly invite new attendees to join the church. By not stressing membership, although the church may have the "front door wide open", they may also have the "back door wide open" as new attendees are not invited to join and do not become integrated into the life of the church.

Indicate that membership has financial responsibilities. . .
It is best to be very clear about the giving expectations of membership. Some churches hesitate to mention giving and tithing when they meet with potential new members for fear of scaring these individuals by "talking about money." Yet many un-churched people are very used to paying significant amounts to be "members" of country clubs, to "belong" to exercise facilities, or to be "members" of social clubs. These major financial commitments also bind these members to the activities and well-being of the organizations. If talking about giving causes a person to not join a church, these individuals would probably not have become committed members. If you have minimal expectations about the responsibilities of membership, the members will have minimal commitment to your organization.


VanderWyden Consultants provide professional fund-raising guidance to non-profit organizations and churches who need assistance with their fund-raising. We provide guidance for Capital Fund Campaigns, Stewardship Operating Budget Campaigns, Planned Giving Campaigns, Comprehensive Financial Feasibility Studies, and the dynamics of stimulating growth in membership.

Our staff has conducted over 350 successful campaigns throughout the United States. Our Joy of Generosity Capital Fund Campaign program can help churches raise as much as 13 times existing giving levels, and our Wyden Your Horizons Operating Budget Stewardship program results in increases of 10-35%. Top


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