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September 2004


We are pleased to present our first edition of Wyden Your Horizons (unsubscribe instructions appear at the bottom of this page). We hope this new publication will be a useful resource for churches and non-profit organizations who need assistance with their fund-raising efforts. In each issue we will provide suggestions about how to increase the giving of your members, updates on fund-raising trends, and inspiring stories about churches we have worked with recently. Please forward this to any family, friends, colleagues, and co-workers who may be interested in subscribing themselves.

Our Staff has over 100 years of experience in this field, having conducted over 350 successful fund-raising campaigns. We use a process that involves no-pressure on members, that focuses on "faith-raising" rather than fund-raising, resulting in members giving wholeheartedly far more generously than with other consultants’ processes. Consequently, our campaigns often set records in fund-raising, enabling churches and organizations to dramatically Wyden Their Horizons by raising the funds they need to expand their ministries and services. We’re happy to provide this resource as another way of sharing our expertise and insights.


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Even though the national economy has been showing some signs of recovery, many churches and organizations tell us that giving to their organizations is down significantly. They suggest that fund-raising has become more difficult since personal wealth has shrunken dramatically during the recent recession. However, we have found that there are ways to overcome this trend.

Our staff has conducted many successful campaigns during recessions and difficult economic times. We have found that the “Case” for the need for the campaign, and the level of commitment of the members to the organization, are the key determining factors that produce successful fund-raising campaigns, enabling the organization to overcome existing exterior economic conditions. In fact, the organizations we have worked with in the past couple years have had great success in their fund-raising. We can provide the guidance required for you to make a strong case for your campaign and the professional services that can enable you to achieve success in these difficult times. Top

"Successful Fund-raising is Cause and Effect:
Make a strong Case for your Cause and you will be Effective!"


Last year 35.8 million Americans were living in poverty, an increase of 1.3 million over 2002. The poverty rate for children rose to 17.6%, meaning 1 in 6 children are now living in poverty. Forty-five million Americans were without health insurance, an increase of 1.4 million more than the previous year. In 2003 the Federal Government defined poverty as an income of less than $18,600, for a family of four. A lost job, a new child, unanticipated medical bills can push a family into poverty. The need for the resources that churches and non-profit organizations provide is escalating geometrically! Top


Proverbs 3:5-10, Mark 12:41-44, Luke 6:38, 19:1-10, II Corinthians 9:1-15 Top


We have now perfected our Operating Budget Campaign process. With our guidance churches can increase their giving by 10-25% over existing giving levels in the first year, with significant increases in the following two years. This service complements our Capital Fund Campaign process that raises more per campaign than other consultants, and can enable you to raise as much as 3 - 13 times existing giving levels. Top


This past spring we completed a very inspiring campaign with Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Lord of Life is a new church start that has been meeting in two triple-wide trailers for several years while aspiring to raise the funds for its first facility. Having had discouraging results with other consultants, they decided to use our services.

Our challenge was to enable them to Wyden Their Horizons by conducting a campaign that would raise the funds required for a permanent facility when they only had 55 families in the church. We provided our professional services, and the members responded faith-fully and wholeheartedly, raising $657,350.

The congregation is now finalizing architectural plans for its first permanent facility. Ed Slavicz, The Campaign Chair, commented, “Their ‘Joy of Generosity’ Campaign Plan was a complete success, and the training we received was excellent. It truly is Fund-raising through Faith-raising. It was amazing to see the growth in the congregation’s faith!” Rev. Julie Frank, Pastor of Lord of Life, stated, “This was my first Pastoral Capital Fund Campaign experience. Rev. VanderWyden led us with ease and grace. The campaign had a tremendous positive impact on all of our ministries and on our members’ morale.” Top

"The problem in fund-raising is never a shortage of funds,
but rather a shortage of faith in God’s abundant providing."


The Federated Church of Chagrin Falls, Ohio has successfully completed four Capital Fund Campaigns since 1996. They were able to fully renovate their aging original facility, to purchase land for an additional new campus, build a Family Life Center, and create a Prayer and Memorial Garden at the new location. These 4 campaigns raised $9 million dollars, and during the same period, giving for Operating Budget needs tripled. Top

"Stewardship is what a person DOES after saying, 'I believe.'" W. H. Greever


Rev. Dawn Shippee, Pastor of North Church of Portsmouth UCC, N.H., recommends Michael Durall’s book, Beyond The Collection Plate: Overcoming Obstacles to Faithful Giving, as an honest, inspiring critique of the systemic disabling attitudes and processes churches use in their fund-raising.

She suggests the book as a “must-read” for Pastors and Stewardship Chairs to enable them to open members’ minds and hearts toward faith-full giving. We are helping North Church with three campaigns – two of them to renovate the church’s historic “North Church” downtown facility, involving the Portsmouth Community, and the congregation; and a second congregational campaign to renovate and add a sanctuary to the church’s suburban-setting campus. Top


Our Capital Fund Campaign Services can enable you to raise the funds required to expand your facilities so that you can provide increased ministries to more people in your congregation and community. Our Staff has helped churches increase their giving by over 1,300% to expand their facilities. Our process has proven effective in all denominations and involves no-pressure on members to give. You can Wyden Your Horizons! Top


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