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Does your church need to raise funds for renovations or new facilities? Our no-pressure, "Joy of Generosity" program, for conducting a faith-raising Capital Fund Campaign, can enable your church to raise the funds that you need, and also inspire your members to grow in their generosity and their faith in God's abundant providing. A faith-raising Capital Fund Campaign is also the best way to Wyden Your Church's Horizons, because it can also will increase giving for the Annual Operating Budget.

To arrange for a free telephone consultation, send us a brief email describing your church's situation and financial needs, and email it to 

or you can just call us at our direct line: (440) 988-GROW (4769)

We look forward to hearng from you.

Blessings, Bill

Rev. P. William VanderWyden
VanderWyden Consultants, Inc.

"Initially when Bill VanderWyden first proposed that we set $3 million as our goal, we all wanted to say why it was impossible. VanderWyden Consultants consistently provided confidence in God's goodness and abundance. We ultimately raised $3.4 million dollars in our Capital Campaign!"

Richard Edens, Co-Pastor, UCC Pastor



Extra-ordinary experienced leadership provided by VanderWyden Consultants - Rev. P. William VanderWyden CFRE, President, and his colleagues, Rev. Kenneth Baily, Rev. Edward Horstmann, James W. Reese and Rev. Robert F. Haskins.